The “Bite”

So, one day a couple of weeks after we queried, I’m going about my happy way when I get an e-mail:

Hi Sara! I love your writing but….”

contract picUh oh…here it comes…but no. The publisher simply asked that I make a couple of adjustments and resubmit! I was on cloud 9! A bite! After all this time…it looked like someone would give me a chance. You better believe I would make those adjustments and make them to the best of my abilities. So, I reworked those things…and it was painful. I took out pieces of my work and it felt as if I were taking out pieces of my heart! Let me tell you…blood, sweat, and tears into every word. And now, all were subject to scrutiny and possible deletion. But each cut I made got easier.

Eventually, I turned the first chapter back over to a couple of trusted friends for further review. These precious people were so instrumental in making my manuscript the product that I turned by in one week from the date I got that e-mail.

Now all I had to do was wait. And wait I did.

When I had just about given up, we heard again from the publisher:

“Very well done! I’ve attached a contract!”

I’m sure my feet won’t touch the ground for quite some time!

“Closet” Writer

After spending so much time myself with the manuscript, first writing the rough draft, then going over and over it, I knew I had to get some outside help. But what was I to do? I call myself a “closet writer”. Not that I write in the closet, mind you, but that I keep my writing a secret. I was brave enough to share my work with my husband. And his positive feedback was enough to encouragetypewriter-chapter-one me to share it with one of my closest friends. She gave me more good feedback and some much needed editing help. But it needed something….more. So, my husband and I decided to put some money and faith into my work and hired another friend, who is a copyeditor, to review my manuscript. We knew that she could help prepare it and make it the strongest it could be so that we could ready it for querying.

I was so nervous the whole time she had it! Nervous about what she thought…nervous about how much editing it might need. In the end, she really liked it and the grammatical and content editing wasn’t anything major.

So, we did the next scary thing…we put it out there for agents and publishers. And if I thought I was nervous during copyediting, boy was I wrong! I was sooooo tense during those first days after we sent out my manuscript for query. In the end, it required patience. But, I did eventually get a bite.