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by | Mar 3, 2015 | The Lady Bornekova

Well, I just got done putting my signature on the contract and e-mailing it back to the publisher! I’ve blogged a bit about this journey, but I wonder how many of you are aware of who I really am. So I thought I would introduce myself.

Hi! I’m Sara. And, as you know from this blog, I’m a closet writer. I graduated with a Biology degree and, though I spent time in the field of Sleep Medicine, I found my true career calling teaching “children of all ages” about wildlife and wild places at Disney’s Animal Kingdom on the Education Team. Truly, there is a whole tour program at Disney’s Animal Kingdom that, if you haven’t checked out before, you really should investigate. There are tours/classes for adults and children.

But what does this have to do with my writing? Well, nothing really. I’ve always scribbled and doodled little fan fiction about characters on TV shows and books that I liked. When I was in middle school, I dreamed up the idea for what would become the third novel I completed. But, when I was in college, I began to write a little more seriously. And, after I got married, my husband became a strong encouragement in my life to turn what was a collection of scenes into an actual novel.

egyptMy first book that I wrote is set in Egypt during the Ptolemaic Period. This is an interesting period to me because Egypt was ruled by Greek Pharoahs and there was a great influx of Grecian influences into Egypt.

My second book, is the one that is being picked up for publication, “The Lady Bornekova”.

My third book is set during the civil war and, as I said, was inspired by my daydreamings during middle school history class.

My forth completed book is set during the last gold rush in Colorado which caused a sleepy little town to boom and turn upside down.

the_trail_of_tearsMy fifth novel (you heard me right) is in the works. It is set during the Trail of Tears.

As you can see…I have caught the writing bug! I absolutely love the time I can spend writing and I enjoy the creative outlet. Perhaps all of these books will be published (that is my hope), perhaps none of them will. Who knows what the future holds? But I am excited to be on this journey with “The Lady Bornekova” and excited that you have decided to come along for the ride!

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Sara R. Turnquist