Sara R. Turnquist

Editing Rates

Sara has edited Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and more.
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Description Price
Full Edits (content, line & proof) $10.00/1000 words
Content Edits $5.00/1000 words
Line Edits $5.00/1000 words
Proof Edits $3.00/1000 words
Sample/Proposal $25 flat fee (up to 10,000 words)
Rush Order 25% surcharge
Minimum fee for anything over 10,000 words $40.00


All editing fees will be rounded up to an even 1000 words, e.g. 53,465 words = 54,000 words

  • Proofing – manuscript has already been through another edit job
  • Line edit – includes grammar, pacing, and simple formatting
  • Content edit – includes story development, plot holes, and character arcs
  • Each round done in 1-2 weeks (from agreed upon date)
  • Rush – Each round done in 48-72 hours (from agreed upon date)

All jobs subject to agreement by author and editor.

I’ve worked with Sara for

I’ve worked with Sara for two projects now. She has a wonderful sense of story and an eye for detail. She’s also shone a spotlight on verbal tics I didn’t know I had, thus helping strengthen my writing. What’s more, she was able to accommodate my ridiculous time constraints. I highly recommend her.

Milla Holt

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