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The Lady Bornekova

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  • SPOTLIGHT & GIVEAWAY: The Lady Bornekova Series

    The Lady Bornekova Series was inspired by time I spent in the Czech Republic. I fell in love with the people, the land, the architecture, and, of course, the history. When I discovered the history behind the Jan Hus statue, I was all too eager for more! Add to that a visit to a hunting/summer chateau […]

    SPOTLIGHT & GIVEAWAY: The Lady Bornekova Series
  • Books, books, everywhere!

    I am in a state of being overwhelmed. There is so much to do! As always, I have the house, the kids, you know…life. But my list of “to do’s” with my books keeps growing…

    The Lady Bornekova. The book has been out now for a couple of months and I am excited to see some numbers […]

    Books, books, everywhere!

    Here we are…the end of the blog tour. Thanks for following along with me on this crazy ride! It’s been fun. I hope you have enjoyed getting a peek into the book through excerpts, learning more about me through interviews and guest posts, and having a chance to see what’s in store for you in […]

  • To Blog Tour, or Not to Blog Tour…

    The Blog Tour…has been a wonderful monster. But, thankfully, the bulk of it has been managed by the capable team at Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours. They have really made this tour a much smoother experience. I cannot honestly imagine the kind of work that must go into planning and arranging this kind of tour.

    The […]

    To Blog Tour, or Not to Blog Tour…
  • The Lady Bornekova has arrived!!

    “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney
    The BIG day. Today is a big day…for me and for this blog. This blog began when I got the first “bite” at my manuscript “The Lady Bornekova”. And today a dream of mine is coming true…one that I almost […]

    The Lady Bornekova has arrived!!
  • News and Updates!

    Hey, everyone! The virtual tour officially kicks off TODAY! I am super excited! I hope you will hang with me for the tour. You can keep up with the tour schedule here: Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tours or check my Twitter (@sarat1701) or Facebook Author page (Sara R. Turnquist) for daily updates on where I “am” […]

    News and Updates!
  • Virtual Book Tour for “The Lady Bornekova”


    Hey, all! These are exciting times, are they not? I gotta tell you, I’m up in the clouds and don’t know when I’ll be coming down. But I want to make sure I keep everyone in the loop. I’ll be going on a book tour…a virtual book tour (this is the digital age, after all, is it […]

    Virtual Book Tour for “The Lady Bornekova”
  • “The Lady Bornekova” COVER REVEAL!!!!

    This has been quite the journey…and we are on the home stretch. THE LADY BORNEKOVA book release is set for mid-July and that date is fast approaching. My cover came in yesterday and we are ready to reveal it to everyone!!!

    The Cover. This cover is the product of some collaboration between the artist and myself and LOT […]

    “The Lady Bornekova” COVER REVEAL!!!!
  • It takes a village…

    Today I’m coming to you from Disney’s Polynesian Resort! My family is on vacation and are enjoying Central FL. Today in particular, my husband and I are having a writing date at the Polynesian Resort, followed by lunch at the Kona Cafe (in about an hour). So, this is my office today. It’s nice to […]

    It takes a village…
  • Three Special Steps…That’s All You Need

    My kids have all watched Disney Junior’s Special Agent Oso. I don’t know if your child has enjoyed this particular cartoon, but the main character, Oso, a special agent in training, accomplishes all manner of tasks in “three special steps”. So, as I am in the midst of getting The Lady Bornekova prepared for publication, […]

    Three Special Steps…That’s All You Need