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Sara R. Turnquist

A three-time postpartum depression survivor, a mother of three children (two with special needs), wife, follower of Christ, and multi-published author, Sara is a sought after speaker at conferences, meetings, book clubs, and other gatherings.

She is available to share her story, her heart, and how God continues to bring her through adversity and remains both faithful and personal.

Her novels also reflect God’s grace and goodness in the midst of hardship.

Below are some of her more popular topics.

Freedom from fear, Freedom to be gutsy

Is fear your “mom identity” or your identity in general? It was mine. I’ve searched Scripture for reassurances that God would keep me and my family from harm, hoping to assuage my fear. Know what I found? “When troubles come…” (James 1:2) Over and over I found “do not worry”, “do not be anxious”, “do not fear.” Then why do we spend so much time and energy doing just that? It is for freedom that Christ set you free… (Galations 5:1). Let’s discuss the root of this fear and live out our freedom in Christ!

PMS: Perfect Mom Syndrome

There is this PERFECT mom…she does everything right. Who is she? Where does she live? In my head! Do you have such a woman that you hold yourself up to? In your neighborhood? Your church? Even the best grace-giver among us can be the worst judge of ourselves. The result: MOM GUILT. As we walk through the meaning behind Christian-ese words like “grace” and “mercy”, we’ll discover that it’s not about being more like her, it’s about being more like HIM.

Postpartum Depression and Me

This is a testimonial talk about my journey through postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis. It is part informative, part testimonial, and all about God’s faithfulness. It is an amazing, miraculous story of how God reached into my life and rescued me, not when I was “ready” necessarily, but at that point of my greatest need–when everything else was stripped away and He was all I had. And then the healing really began. It is not that He had not been with me, or that anything about my faith had anything to do with my depression. But He had everything to do with my recovery.

The Importance of "Being Still"

“Be still, and know that I am God…” Ever notice that comma? What is it there for? In the English language, a comma denotes a pause before you continue. So, too, does this verse. We must first be still, pause, sit at His feet, before we can fully recognize that He is God. Well, how do we do that in our crazy, busy lives? We are weary, we are worn out. So many of us need a season of rest. More than that, God made us to need rest. Not only is there a purpose, there is joy in His fellowship, and blessing to be found.

The list continues to grow and she is able and willing to tailor a program to your event.