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I’m a coffee lovin’, word slinging, clean Historical Romance author whose super power is converting caffeine into novels. I love those odd tidbits of history that are stranger than fiction. That’s what inspires me. Well, that and a good love story.

But of all the love stories I’ve read, mine is my favorite. I live happily with my own Prince Charming and our gaggle of minions. Three to be exact. They sure know how to distract a writer! But, alas, the stories must be written, even if it must happen in the wee hours of the morning.

I have authored some enticing historical fiction with meaningful romances, including: A Convenient Risk, The Lady Bornekova, The General’s Wife, Hope in Cripple Creek, The General’s Wife, Off to War, A Convenient Risk, and more!

Sara R. Turnquist

Most Popular

A Convenient Risk

He never imagined her heart would be so hard to reach.

Forced into a marriage of convenience after her husband dies, Amanda Haynes is determined she will never love again. Not that it bothers Brandon Miller. He needs her husband’s cattle. She needs financial stability and long-term support for her son and herself. But she never expected to care so much about the running of the ranch.

The Lady Bornekova

The red-headed Karin is strong-willed and determined, something she inherited from her father.

She tries to keep her true nature a secret to avoid being deemed a traitor by those loyal to the king.

Hope in Cripple Creek

Tragedy strikes Katherine Matthews and the small town of Cripple Creek, Colorado. An epidemic that teams her up with an old enemy, Wyatt Sullivan, the town’s doctor.

In the midst of desperation and death, Katherine has no idea the ramifications of the decisions she will have to make.