The Lady Bornekova has arrived!!

by | Jul 14, 2015 | reflections, The Lady Bornekova

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney

TheLadyBornekova1400x2100The BIG day. Today is a big day…for me and for this blog. This blog began when I got the first “bite” at my manuscript “The Lady Bornekova“. And today a dream of mine is coming true…one that I almost never dared hope would come. For today, I become a published author. I am just sitting here at my keyboard and letting that soak in. It feels strange, it feels good…I feel the weight of the long journey lifted off of my shoulders. I cannot thank you enough for joining me on this journey, no matter where you came in. You have been a part of it!

celebrateCelebrate with me! Please feel free to interact with me via this blog or on Facebook (Sara R. Turnquist) or Twitter (@sarat1701). I would love to hear what you think as we get this book launched!!

The Blog Tour. The tour is still in full swing. In fact today, you can find me at Library Educated‘s blog in Interview about the book. Please stop by and check it out. The blog tour has been a wonderful opportunity to read excerpts from the book, get some feedback from reviewers, and read posts by me on other blog spots. To catch up on the tour and to keep following, click here.

thank youA Moment for Gratitude. I am so thankful for many people. God, Who has gifted and sustained me through so much. My husband who tirelessly supports me. My children, who (though they tirelessly tire me) love and inspire me. My parents and family who have shaped me into the person I am. My friends who encourage and carry me through it all. My publisher who believed it me and my book. My blog tour coordinator who has helped me tackle the marketing bear. My mentor and beta readers who have sharpened and honed my skills and so much more. And you, reader, who has taken this journey with me and cared to follow my story. So, to you, I say “happy reading” and let’s keep meeting…same time, same blog?


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