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by | Jul 6, 2015 | The Lady Bornekova, Trail of Fears, writing

blog tourHey, everyone! The virtual tour officially kicks off TODAY! I am super excited! I hope you will hang with me for the tour. You can keep up with the tour schedule here: Historical Fiction Virtual Blog Tours or check my Twitter (@sarat1701) or Facebook Author page (Sara R. Turnquist) for daily updates on where I “am” in the virtual world. I will tell you that today’s posting will have a giveaway entry. So, you want to be a part of that for sure!

Pre-order your copy of the “The Lady Bornekova”! Also, you may have noticed that “The Lady Bornekova” is now available for pre-order! There is a buy link to amazon on the left side of this page for your convenience.

Where are the rest of the books? I was just working on that this morning, organizing and planning out where each of the books are in their processes. So, the information is as follows:

bookThe General’s Wife” – Pre-edits are done and it’s ready to be queried. This is an exciting thing for me as this was the first book I wrote. How long do I wait to query after “The Lady Bornekova” has been published? I don’t know. Is this even the next book to try to query? I don’t know. So, those are some questions that need answered before I make a next move.

“Off to War” – I am currently about a third of the way through the book with pre-edits and is with my last Beta Reader. So, I’ll gather her feedback and fold in those edits along with what I’m already doing and prepare to query this book. Also, I’m kind-of thinking this book may need a new title. Any suggestions? I am open to anyone who has suggestions after reading through the description of the book (just click on “Off to War” and you should be directed to the description).

“Hope in Cripple Creek” – Finally has a name! It, too is with Beta Readers. It will be the next book I go after for pre-edits.

“Trail of Fears” – Much the same as the previous book. It is with the first Beta Reader and is third on the list for me to get into editing. This one and “Hope in Cripple Creek” are a little “light” for Historical Fiction, so I need to think of adding some length to these two in particular. I do think it’s easier to add length than to cut though.

Backlogs. I’m thinking as you read this that you might think it’s normal for writers to have such a backlog. From my understanding, it’s not normal for newbies to have such an extensive backlog. I met with an agent a couple of weeks ago and pitched “Trail of Fears”. She responded positively to it and asked if I had anything else. Yes, yes I do. We spent the next several minutes going over my other unpublished works. She commented on how prolific I was (cue blushing and shy smile – I don’t do well with compliments). The agent seemed rather pleased with what she heard and wanted me to send her the synopses for these unpublished works. And so I did. A week ago. So, now I’m ever so patiently (or at least attempting patience) playing the waiting game.

question markWhat’s next? Oh my goodness. With the blog tour and the book coming out, plus kids and home, I barely have time to breathe. Add in there the occasional day I get some of those pre-edits in and then the days I make myself sit down and read (not because I don’t like it – I am an avid reader, I have to make myself because I’m so busy, but EVERY writer/author should continue to read as part of learning their craft). But I cannot not write. I cannot stop my brain from coming up with new ideas. So, I have ideas for not one, but two new books. So, the main character’s name (this is how all my books are titled until I come up with an actual title) is staring down at me with the words “research” and “outline” underneath for each of the two on the board above my desk. I don’t want to say too much in case the ideas fall through, but I will say that one is a sequel to one of the books I’ve already written. Yes, one of the stories just has more to tell. The characters have more to grow and develop.

So that, my friends, is that. This is what’s going on with me. How are you?


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