Oh where, oh where has my novel gone?

by | Mar 22, 2015 | The Lady Bornekova

IMG_7676Got new headshots for the book!

I’m still deep in the editing process, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Too bad, I have three other novels to apply the same process to (although not on a deadline). All in all, I think it will have made me a better writer, but I do not relish the experience at all. I still say that adverbs are important. (Though I understand they need not make up the bulk of your novel.) I have come to understand that I overuse the word “that”….oops. And my characters “smiled” at each other “politely” quite a bit. (They are, after all, members of polite society.)

At any rate, I have rediscovered this novel anew. I don’t think I have read through The Lady Bornekova from top to bottom in months. But there were moments I found myself completely caught up with the characters and what was happening to them. I was tense when things were tense, I was moved by the things that made them sad, I was elated when they felt joy. And I can’t believe this story came from me. But then again….it didn’t just come from me. I have to once again shout out to my beta readers and my proofreader/copyeditor, without whom this novel would not be what it is today.

And so, after a week solid of using every free moment to edit, I have been given the wise advice to put the editing to the side and let my creative juices flow on my WIP (Work In Progress). I am so excited to get back to work on The Trail of Fears novel. I don’t know if any of my fellow authors feel this way, but I imagine that my characters are sitting, frozen in action, waiting for me to write their next line of dialogue or action when I have to break from a scene. So, there Thomas (my lead character) sits, mouth open, ready to disperse some words to his fellow characters, hand in the air as it was the last time I was with that scene. Now you think I’m crazy. I may very well be.

So, if you need me between now and my next blog post, you’ll find me (when I’m not cleaning house, grocery shopping, or chasing one of my kiddos) still with my computer, but with a smile on my face instead of a grimace, hard at work creating my art.

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