04_The Lady Bornekova_Blog Tour Banner_FINALHere we are…the end of the blog tour. Thanks for following along with me on this crazy ride! It’s been fun. I hope you have enjoyed getting a peek into the book through excerpts, learning more about me through interviews and guest posts, and having a chance to see what’s in store for you in the pages of “The Lady Bornekova” through reviews. All in all, it’s been a good tour and I’m glad you have joined me along the way.

I am pleased to announce that I am already well into writing the sequel to “The Lady Bornekova”! This next book will follow the characters we became acquainted with in the first book through the Hussite Wars. That is all I will say. I want to give everyone space and time to read “The Lady Bornekova” before we jump into more information. But stay tuned to my blog for bits here and there along the way as I do research and delve into this continuing story.

And so, I am also very happy to present the entry for the GRAND PRIZE for the blog tour. This giveaway will run from today, July 31st until August 14th. The package includes:

– A signed print of the cover

– “The Lady Bornekova” bookmark

– A free copy of the eBook

– A $25 Amazon Gift Card

Are you geared up to enter for this package? Here it is:

The Lady Bornekova Grand Prize Giveaway

6 thoughts on “Blog Tour GRAND GIVEAWAY

        • I am so sorry! The holidays and getting my next book ready have totally distracted me. I will get those things in the mail to you today. The book is actually not in print yet. I hope the list said a “signed copy of the cover”. Did you get the e-copy of the book in your e-mail? I’ll be sending you a signed print of the cover and a bookmark. I’ll be happy to send you a signed paperback as well once the publisher puts it in print.

          • Deanna S says:

            I guess I did read it wrong.. but I would love a signed copy.. Thanks for the gift card and answering so quickly.. thank you 🙂

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