Faith in Cripple Creek (audio)

A lonely spinster. A reverend who abandoned his calling. Will they ever have faith in love again?

Jane Millington has come to Cripple Creek to visit her friend. But a few bumps along the way land her face to face with a man who would rather not become entangled with the brown-haired beauty. Not that Jane is looking for a relationship. Saddened to find her friend struggling after the birth of her child, can Jane offer the hope that she needs?

Timothy Johnson still lives with the sting of betrayal. And he is determined to never risk his heart again. But a chance encounter with a woman who is only passing through leaves him curious. More, he has left his calling as a preacher and finds himself floundering for purpose.

Can Jane and Timothy offer healing the other so desperately needs? Will they be able to see beyond past hurts, lean into faith, and find love?

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