Leaving Stoneybrook (audio)

David longs for a grand adventure. One that Mary dreams she might be a part of.

In the rugged terrains of Cripple Creek, Colorado, David Matthews’ world has always been overshadowed by his father. Each sunrise over Stoneybrook Ranch reminds him of the path laid out before him—a life scripted by expectations he isn’t sure he can live up to. Desperate to carve out a future driven by his own dreams and ambitions, David grapples with his duty to his father and the call of the wild unknown.

Mary Foster has held a silent affection for David since their youth. And while her mother suffers the ravages of a disease they fight to contain, Mary’s heart patiently beats in the hope that when David finds his place in the world, there might be room in it for her.

Will their paths diverge in the vast expanse of the frontier? Or perhaps love can guide them to find in each other the very thing they are lacking in themselves—home.

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