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Welcome back, readers! And I am welcoming back another author for you today as well! Author Sara Jane Jacobs is sharing with us about her upcoming release, Season of Faith. And she has some wonderful extras for us as well! Including a peek at the cover! So, let’s dive in…

Thanks for being on the blog today, Sara! First, can you tell us a little about your upcoming release?

My new release (scheduled for June) brings everyone from the first story, Season of Hope, back to Nathan’s Mountain. What starts as a reunion full of joy and new beginnings will soon turn into tragedy.

We can’t have everything going smoothly, now can we? What was the inspiration for Season of Faith?

Although I was satisfied with the amount of closure at the end of book two, I had readers asking me if there would be a third book in the series. I told everyone that I was starting a new series that focused on Hannah who is mentioned in Season of Deception, as Eric’s former girlfriend. In the back of my mind I was entertaining the idea of something like a special Christmas novella to wrap up the story of Tyler and Amanda. (The story of Hannah had been rolling around in my head since 2006 and I needed to get it out!) In May of last year, I was well into writing that story when a song came on the radio that sort of threw me off track and started me thinking about Tyler and Amanda again. Although I was nearing the completion of Hannah’s Story, by August I completely switched gears because I had become convinced that there was definitely going to be one more Season and it needed to come first. So, that’s when I started on Season of Faith. Now readers will get better closure and I’ll feel like the story has closure as well. That’s the long answer, lol. The short answer is this song:

I like the long answer (and the short answer). I love how the creative mind works!

Did you always want to be a writer? If not, what did you want to be when you were a child?

No. When I was little, I was always fascinated by child actors and was about eleven when I decided that was what I wanted to be. Although I was painfully shy, when I started high school, I ventured out of my comfort zone to audition for plays at our community theater. That eventually led me to writing. To me, writing is like every part of making a movie and I love it!

So fun! I hadn’t thought of it like that, but that’s true.

But as much as we love writing, there are parts that we don’t love as much. What part of the writing process do you dread?

After I type that last sentence and my seemingly endless rounds of editing begin! It can be daunting when you’ve put all that time into getting the story out but you know it’s nowhere near finished.  Once I start working with my editor, I actually enjoy it because of the team work involved. I love reading her reactions and getting her suggestions along with the challenge of rewriting things to make them better. 

Neat. I, too, like getting my editor’s reactions. I love the feedback.

What are you currently reading?

Surrender Bay by Denise Hunter. I’m only on chapter three but this book drew me in quickly. I actually just picked up a copy from the library so my daughter could read it with me! I’m really excited about this book!

It always intrigues me when someone uses that phrase “it drew me in quickly.” I might have to give that a look.

I always set a “mood” when I write…just my process…music is a big part of that. What kind of music, if any, do you listen to when you write?

I mostly have the windows open so I can hear the birds but occasionally I will put on some classical (I can’t write if there are words!) Sometimes I will write a scene that has a song on the radio or in the background. I will pause the writing and start listening to a variety of genres for inspiration. So far, all of my books reference a song or hint at lyrics. Even Hannah’s Story.

I like it. Before I let you go, I have to ask–can you tell us something about your newest release that is NOT in the blurb.

Hmm. Someone very unexpected is going to show up. It even caught me by surprise. This was not planned.

That is by far my favorite thing about writing—the surprise, the unexpected things that happen as the story unfolds for me, much like it will for my readers! Love it!

Thanks for being here with us, Sara. I’ve enjoyed our interview. But I don’t want to delay getting the readers to the details of your book and the fabulous excerpt below. So, here you go….

Season of Faith

Enjoy an Excerpt

Excerpt from Season of Faith.  Tyler and Amanda have just been talking about where they’ll go after they get married . . .

“Sounds perfect.” She welcomed his lips as they brushed across hers. His strong hands caressed her shoulders before wrapping around her. Nuzzling his neck as her cheek rested against his shoulder, she caught the faint scent of his cologne. This time she picked up on the notes of oakmoss, Brazilian rosewood, and juniper. Feeling like they had just made a small step toward reconnecting, now seemed like the right time to bring up her plans to return to modeling. “And since we’re not really sure when that is going to be, I’m thinking seriously about going back to New York.”

“Oh. Like, to visit?”

She lifted her head to monitor his reaction. “Um, I was thinking more like to live . . .  and model.”

His embrace loosened slowly and then it was gone as he released her.  Moving hands to hips, a puzzled look clouded his face, followed by a shake of his head. Dropping his gaze to the dusty floor, it seemed as if he was searching for a way to handle her announcement.

“Why?” was the only word that came out as he lifted his eyes back to hers.

She caught a glimpse of the slight twitch in his square jaw. Why did this have to be so hard? He had to know how much she loved him. And she knew he loved her. Yet emotionally, it felt like there was a canyon between them most of the time. How were they supposed to get across it and stay close without his deployments pulling them apart again and again? She’d eventually figure it out but while she was experimenting with different coping methods, she knew staying busy was what would work for her right now. 

“Because, I go a little crazy when you leave on deployments and I barely get to communicate with you. And I feel like I need a life besides the one where I’m constantly thinking about when I’ll be able to talk to you again.”

“Do you not want to do this?”

“Do what?”

“Get married?”

She threw her arms out to the side and let them drop as her words came out with a mix of anger and frustration. “Here we go again with that question! You haven’t exactly asked me to marry you yet!”

Tyler barely let a second pass before he reacted. “You know, what? You should go to New York. Go get your life back.”

Amanda froze. She lowered her jaw, and a tiny puff of air escaped her lungs with a muted, “Ha.” She was way too stubborn to let him see her cry right now. “That’s it, huh?” She nodded and her eyes locked with his. Their bright blue color had the power to melt her heart again and again. But not this time. “Okay, then.” The words came out with a quiet but fierce determination. With a single shake of her head, she stormed past him, secretly hating the fact that he didn’t stop her this time. Her determined strides had her out of the barn, across the stretch of pasture and almost to the house in just under a minute.

“Did you find him?” Her father stopped rocking as Amanda raced up the steps.

 Amanda pulled the screen door ajar, her voice trembling as she continued to hold back her tears. “No. The only person out in the barn is a stranger. I have no idea where Tyler is.” Rushing inside, she let the door close with its familiar squeak of the spring, followed by the slapping sound of wood on wood. As Amanda hurried through the den, her mother’s laughter echoed from the kitchen, fading behind her as she ran up the stairs to hide inside her old room.

A sob caught in her throat at the sudden memory of her last time in here; changing out of wet clothes after a playful fight out in the yard with Tyler over the water hose. Lowering herself onto the bed, she let the tears come as her head fell across the blue and yellow floral pillow sham. Rolling over on her side, her body shook with the cries she fought to keep silent.

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More About the Author

Sara Jane Jacobs is an author of contemporary romance who makes her home in Pensacola, Florida. Her summer vacations in her father’s hometown of Franklin, North Carolina were the inspiration behind her first novel, Season of Hope. A few of the adventures of her characters on the fictitious Nathan’s Mountain outside of Bryson City give us a glimpse into some of her cherished childhood memories. While Jane loves the Florida sunshine and Pensacola’s sugar-white sand beaches, the Great Smoky Mountains hold a special place in her heart. She’s a mom to two, Nonni to four and shares her home with a family of felines.

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