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Welcome, everyone. We have a returning author, Kadee Carder. She is one of my favorite authors to have on. She is just one of the most encouraging people in general, and as a fellow author, she is always there with a word to lift up others and spur them on in their journeys. Just incredible.

Kadee is here with her new release, Kingdom Come. And she has agreed to give us a long excerpt as a guest post. So, let’s get right to it:

~ The Greatest Person You Know~

(an excerpt from the book KINGDOM COME)

Humans have many kinds of powers. What amazes me is that we forget we own them. Imagine if Superman forgot he could bend steel? Superheroes of the comics base their lives around their powers. They sharpen them. They thrive utilizing their powers.

You and I have power, too. The power to use a word for good, to share conversation with a friend, to lift up the human beside us with a smile, with words, with art, with kindness, that rectifies the cruelty of the world one soul at a time.

Jade Teta says humans have five powers, ownership being one. My ability to recognize my abilities shows power in itself. My cat doesn’t do that. She does not sit in the window pondering if she will need to do the dishes later or if she needs to do laundry. I, however, can recognize and analyze if I’ve done my best for the day. How beautiful is that fact?

Recognizing the possession of certain abilities offers an arsenal of strength. Recognizing the amazing person I was created as — senses riddled with textures, scents, pops of color, clicks of light, and a slurry of sounds — and that I can do far more than I imagine, put me on a higher playing field if I simply acknowledge my own presence. This one goes for you too. Seeing people, actually seeing them in their hurt, their pain, their trial, their joy, their bliss, shows just how powerful ownership can be. Have you ever been with someone who seemed to See You and enjoyed your presence? We humans need light and life. We create it even unintentionally. Ownership, the intentional recognition of the beautiful power held within, will guide a human toward life or it can crush the spirit like a weight sinking in the sea. What five abilities do you recognize within yourself? When given the option to empower yourself or limit yourself, which do you choose first?

“There is one grand lie — that we are limited. The only limits we have are the limits we believe” (Krista Johnson). In the face of danger, the human body releases adrenaline. It’s a natural way to protect. Lions have claws and fierce prowess, wasps sting heavy and hard, and humans — well humans can lift over twice their weight, survive under crushed buildings or tunnels for weeks at a time, swim farther, run faster, carry torn limbs, walk through fire, and dance in the hurricane. See, the natural human condition protects life. The instinct protects.

Have you ever considered that Superman only knew he could be strong, and so he was? For some reason we let in scarcity and timidity. We begin allowing the scrapes and bruises to win. We feel the cold winter nibbling at our fingertips and we withdraw from the ice.

Instead, learn to create fire.

The human brain takes its time to develop, becoming a fully-functioning body part around the late twenties, on average, age twenty-five. Have you ever taught a child to time travel? The fully-developed brain (typically one about thirty years old or more) uses the logical, rational portions to make decisions. Before the age of twenty-five, an average human brain does not fully utilize its total functional capacity because the area has not developed. Asking a child to make a rational decision compares to asking a child to time travel. He simply cannot. He can’t even comprehend the statement. But imagine if that child, from an early age, was daily surrounded by science, technological studies, encouraged to read about physics and astronomy, and was told he had the ability to travel through time? By his thirties, imagine this person and all he would know. Now, imagine a baby in a small room, surrounded by dim lighting and who had no access to books, education, or positive reinforcement to study and learn? By his thirties, who will this child be?

Now, every person has a unique fingerprint, but which child will believe he has the ability, and could possibly even travel through time? I’m betting on the first. So we are with our ownership of power. If you’ve been told that you’re broken, if you’ve been told you’re useless, if you’ve been told you’re lacking, then that will be your default. But my friend, you were built with intention. You are intrepid. You are creative. You are an intellectual. You are stronger and more powerful than you know. The thoughts you tell yourself, the input you process, that leads to the life you prove.

Do the heroes build their stories upon fear or upon saving life? I vote for life. I vote for leveling up, for choosing power, because it’s what surges bliss throughout our cores.

Own your abilities. Own those marvelous aspects of you which contribute to the lives of those around you. You’ve got a courageous story to create, my hero. Exercise who you want to be when the darkness drifts in. Train yourself to react to fear by facing it instead of running away. Train yourself to use your strengths when weakness would shout lies. Reiterate your own beautiful ethos when those thoughts sprinkle down. Who do you want to be when the lights go out? Who will you be if you believe you can walk humbly with grace and strength? Practice that. Act that. Be that. The time to go save your world approaches.

Wow. What a way to start the blog. Just wow. I LOVE this, Kadee! I am eager to hear more about this book!

Opt in for an adventure to discover purpose, tenacity, and to build your empire. Are you stuck? Questioning your purpose? Are you tired, broken, and hurting in the stale crumbs of the daily grind?

Even the most ordinary of humans can do impossible things. The elements of storytelling are tools to help us understand our purpose and to build a life greater. Here we discover the three protocols every hero satisfies in order to fulfill the mission. You’re the hero in your own story. Transforming into the hero may be the most difficult thing you’ve ever done, but it will be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Within these pages, discover the ultimate objective in understanding and experiencing the combined unity of these three tools in your hero story. Get ready to travel the vast horizon of the hero plot line and forge new paths toward your legacy.

What was the inspiration for Kingdom Come?

In my research and life experiences while writing my soon-to-be-released novel EARTHSHINE, I found myself in this dark, aching place of brokenness and hurt, of lost dreams and tainted hopes. While I wrote the story of a girl who had to get back up, I found my own self in the shadows. Could I be the girl who got back up? In my Sunday school class, our leader mentioned that all people had three tools they carried which God uses for good. I had never heard this premise before and immediately looked into what he meant. Within the next few months my life changed, from a place of devastation, to intention. My attitude changed, my purpose shifted, and I found true focus on what I knew my life needed to be, as I unearthed and sharpened my three tools. I didn’t need the ache of loss; I craved adventure and purpose. Here I’ve collected my thoughts, study, and research which offer readers applicable, faith-based tools for braving the earthly plot line and forging empires. From this guidebook KINGDOM COME, we begin rewriting the stories of our lives to fulfill our mission and create the life less ordinary.

I can so connect with what you are saying. I am completely drawn in…

What kind of music, if any, do you listen to when you write?

I adore 90’s punk rock, Imagine Dragons, and random indie bands. During my writing and research for KINGDOM COME and EARTHSHINE, I listened to several songs which inspired me to write these stories. Here are a couple links to YouTube videos if you’re interested in listening along while you read:

“More Than Life” by Whitley –

“All The Poor and Powerless” by All Sons and Daughters –

“Believer” by Imagine Dragons –

“You’re Gonna Be Okay” by Brian and Jenn Johnson –

“Hard Love” by NeedToBreathe –

“The Adventure” by Angels and Airwaves –

“In the Name of Love” by Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha –

Thank you so much, Kadee, for being on the blog and sharing these words. I know I will be processing them for days to come…maybe even weeks! But I will hand the blog back over so my readers can delve into Kingdom Come!

Kingdom Come

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