OVERCOMING GOOD CHOICES: Is there a best option?

by | Jun 20, 2018 | reflections

We all make choices. Every day. Many times a day. To get out of bed, to shower, what to wear (a BIG decision for some), what to eat for breakfast, and the list goes on. Some of these decisions are so easy they don’t really feel like options any more. We do them automatically. The better choice seems obvious.

Choosing between staying in bed and getting out of bed, for example (if you are not sick or struggling in some other way), seems like a bad choice (or an unhealthy choice) versus a good, healthier choice. It’s pretty easy. (Although if you haven’t gotten adequate sleep, it may not always be so easy 🙂 )

Likewise, moderate choices in life about your schedule, for example, may come easily too. Do I say yes to this huge thing that will take up a lot of my time and doesn’t fit in with my goals? Or turn it down? Now, that’s relatively simple to see that you might should turn that down. The people pleaser in some of you is saying…yeah, right! I know. I’ve been there. It’s sooo hard to say ‘no’. But it is necessary. Let’s take this a step further.

What if the choice is between two good things? A pastor asks you to serve in a ministry at your church. That is an awesome thing. Nothing wrong at all with that. BUT…has God called you to it? Yes, we are generally called to serve. But we are not called to burn ourselves out. God equips and calls us to specific things. As I’ve said before, right now, I feel He has led me to focus on my family, my writing, and the moms ministry I am a part of. So, this request to be a part of another ministry is not a bad decision, but it may not be my best choice.

What if, for instance, God is nudging someone else? If you step into that role, that person will not have the chance to step up. They may end up feeling their help is not necessary and never step up.

And imagine what adding something to your already overwhelmed schedule will do? It may end up hurting your other calling, even if what you are doing is good. The things you have been called to may suffer for it. You are just one person. And can only do so much.

So this choice between good and good is actually a choice between good and BETTER. Maybe, even, you could say good and BEST.

If you have a full schedule, like me. And struggle to people please, you may need to remember that every time you say “yes” to something, you are saying “no” to something else already on your plate. So, saying yes to that added opportunity, means saying “no” to one of those three areas – my family (maybe dinner around the table, devotion time with my kids, etc), my writing (making a deadline, having the time to market, etc), or this moms ministry (I end up staying up all hours of the night finishing a talk for the meeting, I am rushing last minute to get a newsletter done, I drop the ball on my leadership team, etc).

Is it worth it?

When these opportunities present themselves, it’s all about perspective and wisdom.

I no longer answer with “yes.”  Or even “no.” I say “let me pray about it and check my calendar.” Then I weigh the time commitment and pray, seeking God’s will for my involvement. Then I can answer confidently. If they need an answer that second, it has to be “no.” Because I cannot know, but I DO know that my schedule is pretty tight as it is.

What about you? Is your schedule crammed as it is? Are there things you need to pare down? Say “no” to?

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Sara R. Turnquist