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Hello, again. I hope you have gleaned something from my thoughts and experience with depression. It is time, I feel, to turn to another biggie that is difficult (if not impossible) to overcome. I would, in fact, argue that you never overcome grief…you walk through it.

The thing about grief is that we all go through it. At some point in your life, someone you care about has died, or someone close to you is going to die. It is inevitable. That is why they say “death is just a part of life”. It is.

One of the hardest things when that loved one passes(in my opinion) is that the world goes right on turning. Everyone else will go to work the next day, the kids will go to school, and everyone else carries on as if your world has not come to screeching halt. Because life moves on. And, eventually, yours will too. BUT…it will never be the same. You will have to find NEW NORMAL. A new state of being without that person.

Don’t bog yourself down with trying to find whatever balance you had before. You will NEVER get there. When you are ready to pick yourself up, it is time to focus on new normal and what that looks like for you. It will be different for everyone. Even for everyone who lost that person. Hopefully, as you grieve together, you can find your unique new normals together.

When people think about grieving, their first thought is the stages of grief. And these are well laid out, typical stages that people go through. But there are some misconceptions. A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about the stages of grief and my experience at that point with those stages. You can find that post HERE. Glean whatever you can from my findings and let it facilitate your journey.

But know that it (your journey) will not look like mine.

Or like anyone else’s.

And that’s okay.

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Sara R. Turnquist