BOOK REVIEW: Melody Delgado’s “Royally Entitled”

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Perhaps your summer reading list is as long as mine. Maybe not. But I will be content to keep working my way through this mountain of books and share with you the ones I thought were worth my while. This next one I have for you was a great story with a lead character that was well-developed. But, I’m getting ahead of myself…let me introduce you to the book first:

Royally Entitled

When her family’s cider business is ruined and other local businesses are vandalized, Anika Pembrie wonders if the recent bout of unrest is merely a result of rivalry between local merchants and noblemen or if something more sinister is at the root of the recent crimes. Along her journey Anika befriends Prince Valdemar, future king of Brevalia but their relationship hits many twists and turns along the way. Lady Winifred Paxel Flemming pursues the prince relentlessly. His grandmother, Queen Marguerite, expects him to wed whoever she thinks is suitable, even if it means marrying a foreign princess he’s never met. Anika’s mother, Lady Sarah, wants Anika to help ease the family’s financial burdens by marrying Erland Riccats, National Chairman of the Merchants’ Guild. Lady Sarah also harbors secrets regarding Prince Valdemar’s mother, Princess Karin, who met an untimely death years before. In the end, will both Anika and Prince Valdemar be forced into loveless marriages, or will they be able to outwit their enemies?

My Thoughts

This was a wonderful novel. Great clean Historical Romance. The author got into the story quickly (which had me hooked quickly) and kept me turning the pages. Pacing was good, but there were places where the story felt a bit YA. That’s a hard line to walk between a Clean Read for adults and a YA book. The romance was refreshing and drove the story well. The main character, Anika, is well fleshed out and three dimensional. She was enjoyable to read and cheer for throughout the story.

Rating ~ 4 1/2 Stars

In case you are interested…

If you enjoy clean Historical Romance and like things a bit more on the YA side, this is a book for you!


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