‘TIS THE SEASON: Seasons In Our Life and How We Care For Them

by | Dec 6, 2016 | writing


Welcome to such a joyful time of the year. A season of giving, a season of celebration, a season of merriment. All around us are markers, reminders of this special season: decorations, carols, shopping craziness, you name it! There is no escaping it. It makes me think of the seasons of the year, how they come and go, whether you mean the four major seasons of the year or the more personal seasons we walk through in our lives. Those can last years, months, or sometimes just weeks or days.

How do you define your season of life right now?

By the holiday we’re in? By the political atmosphere? By your health? By the social climate? All of these things can and do make up where we are in life, but none of them are strong enough, I think, to define us in and of themselves (unless we let them). Do your circumstances define you or do you define your circumstances? Remember that hot water hardens the egg yet softens the potato…it’s all about what you’re made of and how you respond to your environment…what you do with what you’re given. I’m not saying that will be easy. Quite the opposite. It may be rather trying. But there is hope.

The difficult season…

I would encourage those of you in those difficult seasons of life to take care of yourselves. But also to think about looking outside of yourselves to be of service to someone else. You never know how much that will feed your spirit to give what you can as you can. I’m not saying sell everything and give it all up…I’m saying take what steps you can to serve someone in your life, your community, or across the world in a very real way the is meaningful to you. WHILE taking care of yourself. You can pour into others if you’ve been drained and have nothing to give.

The season of plenty…

Just like Joseph from the Bible preparing for the famine, store up for that season of need. Don’t you forget to take of yourselves either. And, as you are more able, be generous in service and in love. These things will gird you for the harder times. And may even prolong your season of plenty.

Most of all…

Know that God doesn’t waste a hurt…and neither should a writer 🙂

What season are you in?


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