Essential Oils: From Skeptic to Believer

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Essential Oils- From Skeptic to Believer

I have shared that I was skeptical of essential oils and this whole oil revolution that seems to be sweeping homes across America. I’ve always had my feet firmly planted in Western medicine and been rather unsure about the holistic approach. Not doubting the benefits my friends receive, just not thinking any of that was for me and my family.

diffuserWhen a friend invited me to a class on essential oils, I was intrigued as I did support the use of oils for aromatherapy. Though that borders on the holistic side of things, I did see the benefits of utilizing scents for calming, preparing for sleep, energizing, etc. And so, I ended up purchasing an introductory kit which contained several oils I was certain I would never use, some I knew I would (for aromatherapy), and a diffuser with which to get those “good” oils into the air for my family.

Now, for those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I had a 13 day migraine that did not respond to Western medicinal approaches, but which essential oils cured in a matter of minutes. And I was hooked. What else could these oils do? Thus began my exploration into some of the other problems I was dealing with.

dark cloudMood Issues. I struggle with mood issues lingering from my struggles with postpartum depression. Most days I’m fine, but occasionally, I have challenges with low mood. I utilize the tools I have learned in counseling, but it’s difficult to do that when there’s a dark cloud hanging. I have begun to use oils such as Valor, Frankincense, and Acceptance during these times. That dark cloud notably lifts, making it much easier to implement and practice what I know to be best for me.

peppermintDigestive Issues. I have IBS. And, while I do have prescription medication I take when I have an IBS attack, it doesn’t always ease the pain completely. Just this last week, I found myself pretty incapacitated with pain, twenty minutes before I was to meet up with a friend. I planned to cancel and even had sent a preliminary text. But my husband suggested we try the “go to” oil for digestive issues – Peppermint. He made a tea and put a couple of drops of peppermint oil in it. As soon as the steaming cup was near me and I could inhale the oil, the pain began to subside. Within minutes, the pain was gone. I went out that night.

migrainedogMigraines. I continue to suffer from chronic migraines. Instead of taking the “rescue pills” for these “breakthrough” migraines (since they don’t work anyway), I do my oil regiment that cured the 13 day migraine. It includes Thieves, Panaway, and M-Grain.

ADHD. My daughter has ADHD. And in the evenings when she is coming off of her medication, she can become quite a handful. So, from time to time, I’ll diffuse Lavender in the house, to calm her (and the other two kiddos) down in preparation for bedtime. Yes, I still believe in the aromatherapeutic properties. I know that there are also oils to help with focus as well. We have yet to try those.

All in all, I am new to this journey. But the more I learn and the more I try, the more impressed I am. Even the Bible tells us that “the leaf shall be for medicine” (Ezekiel 47).

Care to share your favorite use for your favorite essential oil?

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