Where are you, Christmas?

by | Dec 16, 2015 | reflections

This, I think, is perhaps the first year that I find myself searching for the Christmas spirit. This is also the first year I have been vamping up for the release of a book just after the first of the year. Between NaNoWriMo and getting things together for “The General’s Wife“, I have been terribly distracted this holiday season. But I am pleased that my car radio has been tuned into Christmas music as it is the only thing it seems anchoring me to the reality of the season.

hustle and bustle of christmas“I need a Silent Night…” Do you know this song sung by Amy Grant? It is so true for me. All the hustle and bustle of the season has taken me over. Going here, running there, shopping, baking, dinners, appointments, not to mention the daily grind of keeping home and hearth. There’s a part of the song that goes “Did my own mother keep this pace, or was the world a different place?” I don’t think my mother had this craziness. I think she had some of it. But I think as time goes on, much more is expected of us. There are more programs, more TV channels, pinterest, the bar has been raised for us moms. At least it seems that way. The world is a different place. Times seemed much simpler, of course I was a kid. But it just doesn’t seem to me that my parents got caught up in the craziness that I have.

manger“Hope that you don’t mind our manger…Welcome to our World…” This song, “Welcome to Our World”, really does get to me each year. There are several versions of this song out there. My favorite is probably Michael W. Smith’s. How do I not only catch the Christmas spirit and find time to keep my family in joy of the season, but also teach them the reason for the season? That is of utmost importance to me and my husband. And I think even more so as our world continues on it’s current trajectory. There is a lyric here, that says “Bring your peace into our violence, bid our hungry souls be filled. Word now breaking Heaven’s silence, welcome to our world…” Is anything more true than this? His peace into our violence. Look around you, what could we need more than peace? Love? Joy? All the things that God promises lone candlewill come as a wellspring of His presence in us. And, I hope I don’t step on toes here, but I might…if you, as a believer, are not spreading peace…love…joy into the hurting world, you’ve missed the point. Light in the darkness, not light among other lights. Not that we don’t need that time with other believers, but our light shines brightest in the dark. That’s why we’ve been given that light. {Stepping off soapbox.}

So, these are my goals for this week…(remember, without goals, how do you know you have accomplished anything?) To take some time off. Time to just BE with my family in the season and enjoy them. And to take some time in the Word, to just BE in His presence and let Him fill me with His peace, His love, His joy…not for myself, but so I can give it to my family and to those He places in my path who will need it.



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