Who has the time?

by | Oct 12, 2015 | writing

I tell you…I MISS writing! But I just haven’t had the time! Make the time, Sara. Yes, I know, I know. But time is a precious commodity…for everyone. And it’s not as easy as you think with three young ones with three different schedules, a house, a husband (who I will say is INCREDIBLY supportive), and the myriad of appointments and other things that make up my life.

computer issuesWhen I do schedule time to sit down, I find that my e-mail box is crammed full, there are a dozen e-mails that need to be returned, I have to contact someone’s teacher, I need to catch up on my social media posts, and then there’s the blogging.

Don’t get me wrong. Blogging is such an important part of what I do. Connecting with you and having a place to think “out loud” is valuable to me. I find blogging to be almost a necessary part of processing the things that go on in my writing career and in my life. So, this will remain a constant in my life.

do-not-disturb-writerBut there are untold stories inside of me, begging…no, dying to get out. They MUST be told. And my fingers fairly ache to tell them. So, where does that time come from?

I recently read Jen Hatmaker’s “For the Love“. It is a book I HIGHLY recommend for any woman who is…well, just for any and every woman out there. She is so transparent and open. It’s refreshing. But, back for the loveto my point…she talks about the things we allow into our life as if we put things on and off a balance beam. The important stuff goes on the beam, the unimportant stuff, off the beam. So, we have to be vigilant over our time and priorities as to what we allow on the beam and what we take off.

Seems to me that I need to take a hard look at what all I’ve allowed on my beam. Not that the things are my beam are bad. But they may not be the best things for me. Especially if I’m dying to get these stories out and there is no time for me to write. Something has to give! And the sooner, the better. So, that is my commitment. I will start examining my week, my days, my hours, to find where my schedule can have some give to it, where things need to be re-prioritized, where I can maybe trade good, for better. What about you?

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Sara R. Turnquist