To Blog Tour, or Not to Blog Tour…

by | Jul 21, 2015 | The Lady Bornekova, writing

04_The Lady Bornekova_Blog Tour Banner_FINALThe Blog Tour…has been a wonderful monster. But, thankfully, the bulk of it has been managed by the capable team at Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours. They have really made this tour a much smoother experience. I cannot honestly imagine the kind of work that must go into planning and arranging this kind of tour.

challengesThe Challenges. Even with someone doing the planning and arranging and coordinating, there is still work on my part. Getting the blog posts written, interviews done, excerpts selected, and manuscripts out for reviewers was the easiest part. There’s the waiting for the blog to post each day, posting on social media about it, and following the blog throughout the day to check comments in case I need to respond (on the blog and on social media posts). It doesn’t seem like much, but I do feel chained to my computer all day. There was a day my husband had a procedure done and I was away from internet for several hours in the waiting room (who doesn’t provide wifi in a waiting room when you know your patients’ family and friends will be waiting that long?) and I felt totally out of the loop on the tour that day.

positivesThe Positives. The fact that “The Lady Bornekova” has had exposure to people and markets that otherwise wouldn’t have known about it is HUGE! Numerous people have found me on social media that wouldn’t have known about me otherwise. Those things are priceless to me. And though this paragraph may be shorter than the “challenges” paragraph, the quality of it far outweighs anything found in the one above.

I cannot finish out this entry without thanking Amy and her team at Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours. They have been amazing! I highly recommend this service for any authors out there considering a blog tour and wondering whether or not to go it on their own or use a service like this. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with them.

And now, some news. The blog tour will end here in early august, on my blog, with a GRAND giveaway. We’ll be giving away a signed book cover, a Lady Bornekova bookmark, a free e-copy of the book, and an amazon gift card. Stay tuned!!

Will I do another blog tour? Absolutely! For each and every book that gets published. And I hope that this blog tour service will be available for each and every tour I do. They are fantastic!

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