Marketing Minefield

by | May 8, 2015 | reflections, writing

marketingHello, all! I am still well in the learning process. But I’m afraid I’m about to be schooled for real. I am doing everything I can to prepare for the monster that is marketing my book, but it still is a bear I will have to wrestle. It’s just not in my bag of tricks. And I don’t honestly think it’s going to be one of my strong suits. I just want to write. (How many times have I said that in this process?)

The truth is that I have many passions: singing, playing the piano, educating people about wildlife and wildplaces (at my seasonal zoo job), drama (the stage kind, and honestly, I have a fair amount of the everyday life kind too), and art. I don’t have the time to exercise all of these passions, and writing has pushed it’s way to the front as the one that takes up most of my time (which I don’t mind one bit). But these other things that come with it – editing, marketing, networking, etc. That stuff is for the birds! I know there are people who do that stuff, love it, and do it well. God bless them! It’s just not me.

So, I’m reading up on what I can regarding marketing your book and building an author platform. A lot of it seems common sense, a lot of it sounds time consuming (read that as “time away from writing”), and all of it sounds laborious (as it’s not sounding like fun to me). But, one of the books I’m reading challenges the reader (me, in this case) to change my perspective – to not think of it as pushing a product, but as providing someone with something they want or need. Perhaps my book will bring some enjoyment into your life. Or help you pass the time pleasantly on your commute or a trip. Maybe it will help you get lost in a new place and time away from your current circumstances for a much needed break. I believe these things about my book. And I hope you will give it a chance to prove itself to you.

Isn’t it so often true about life that a change in perspective can make all the difference?

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Sara R. Turnquist