Hurry up…and wait

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It seems to me that there has been a LOT of work involved in getting the book publication-ready up to this point. And, don’t get me wrong, I know that more work is coming, but there is also a pretty fair amount of waiting. Waiting while a beta reader has it. Waiting to hear back from querying. Waiting while it’s in the hands of an editor. Waiting on the cover art. Waiting, waiting, waiting. And, patience, mind you, is not a virtue I was gifted in spades.

Which is why, my dear friends, I’m glad that I have multiple books I’m working on. So, right now, while I’m waiting on The Lady Bornekova to be edited by my publisher, I’m applying what I have learned about Deep Point of View, limiting adverbs, and other things from my publishers “Pre-Edit List” to my other novels. This can only make them stronger for when it’s their time to be queried.

I’m also doing more reading. Remember the Writer’s Group I joined? Well, our fearless leader wisely encouraged us to spend time reading as well, exposing ourselves to different writing styles and learning that way. So, I’m actually reading her book (The Wounded Warrior’s Wife) and reading one of my favorite author’s new books (Michelle Moran’s Rebel Queen). Now that I am focusing on honing my craft, I am gleaning much as I am reading.

writer's lifeSo, now while I’m in major “edit mode”, I’m crazy longing to get back into actual writing. My WIP (Work In Progress), Trail of Fears is calling to me. Thomas, my main character, is standing there waiting for his next line of dialogue and it haunts me. But there’s only so much time in the day (and night), right?

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