Between the Lines (audio)

A couple's hope for the future is in peril, until they find connection in the past.

Scott Baker and Brianne Marshall are ready to step into their happily ever after. They've been through their own trials and are counting down the days 'til they wed. That is until COVID-19 hits the scene, upending everything they have planned and dreamed of.

Scott is gifted letters written between his great grandparents as they courted. Soon enough, he is drawn into the 1920s when another pandemic rocked the world. Theodore Hendry is a army doctor when the Spanish flu swept the globe. In the midst of which, his acquaintance with nurse Rose Garrett blossoms into romance despite the overwhelming fear and sadness that surrounds them.

What will Scott and Brianne glean from the past? And how will they face down the struggles rampant in a worldwide crisis?

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