Laura, The Tycoon’s Daughter

Sara R. turnquist

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She is in a hopeless situation. He has sworn off love. Can they find hope in each other and, possibly, a way out of their personal prisons?

Laura Millington is the daughter of a prominent railroad tycoon, but that luxury comes at a price. Her father’s intentions are to use her as a pawn, steal her choices, and press her into a mold she can’t seem to fit. When her curious nature and desire for justice finds her caught up in the middle of a train run gone wrong, can she stand for the truth even if it places her in opposition to her powerful father?

Jack Patterson has been betrayed by love. And he is determined to never risk his heart again. The vulnerable, strong-willed Laura intrigues him more than he’s allowed since his heartbreak. Can he overcome his reluctance? Moreover, will he be able to protect her from the man who would see her future dashed?

Crossing paths with train engineer Casey Jones and his heroic act of self sacrifice, will Laura and Jack find a way to stand side by side against the overwhelming forces keeping them apart?

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