Convenient Escape Memes

Welcome! The memes are below. I added the directions here just in case 🙂

To Download a Meme:

1. Right Click on the meme you want


3. Name the Image in “Save As” and select where on your computer you want to save it (downloads, desktop, etc)

4. Click SAVE

5. Now look in the location where you saved it to make sure it is there

To Upload to Facebook:

1. Write your post as normal or “copy/paste” one of the prepared posts

2. There is a group of selections under the box you write in; select PHOTO/VIDEO

3. Use the drop down menu to select the location where you put the meme, double click on the meme (by whatever you named it)

4. It will upload into Facebook

5. Click POST

The following graphic is to be shared THE WEEK OF JULY 6TH