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by | May 16, 2017 | writing

That’s right, Readers! The novella I have put together for my newsletter is finished and ready for delivery to your e-mail boxes! This little read is up for grabs today. My monthly newsletter has gone out to those who are currently signed up, bearing this precious package for download. And anyone who signs up for my newsletter in the future will be able to nab their own copy.

If you are a print person, it will become available in the near future on Amazon.

Here is a peek into the novella’s makings:

Disillusioned by war and prejudice, can this southern belle trust in love?

Claire Crawford is nothing she should be. Put off by the War between the States and her own experience with the slaves on her father’s plantation, she longs for something more. Under the control of her parents, there is not much room for anything but submission. Still, she dares to defy them and reach out to a sharecropper’s family on her father’s land.

The war changed Henry Garrett. And he has plans of going beyond his father’s humble farm. He will do whatever it takes to make those dreams come true. Nothing will stand in his way. Until he meets her. Drawn to the southern belle he would rather despise, he is soon caught up in a situation not of his own making. How much is too much for the one he loves? Dare he sacrifice his dream?

I wrote this as a gift to my readers. You are what keeps me going. Yes, I love writing and honing my craft. But you, my readers, are the reason I keep chugging through difficult scenes and the reason I dial up the tension, hoping to give you an experience that is unique, the experience you are seeking when you pick up a book–an exciting story with twists and turns, characters you can relate to, a plot that is interesting, and something different.

Here’s the link to sign up and get that novella: Sara’s Desk List

And, so, with that, I wish you happy reading.

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