So, how’s the blog tour going?

by | Sep 27, 2016 | writing


We are about half way through the blog tour for “The General’s Wife” and it is going really, really well! I cannot say enough good things about Goddess Fish Tours and their services. Everything has been smooth and seamless. The bloggers have been great and everything that Goddess Fish Tours promised has been delivered. What more could one ask for?

The Regulars. There are some folks I see commenting regularly on the tour. That’s fantastic. It does warm my heart to see them each day of the tour. I love the questions some ask and that others are just encouraging and seem to enjoy the content they are getting.

The Consistency. Everyday when I get up the blog post is already up. Fantastic! I don’t have to wonder when it’s going to be up or if it’s the wrong day. No, it’s up and running already. I love that.

Marketing. Goddess Fish Promotions is doing an outstanding job of tweeting and putting out Facebook posts regularly (daily, multiple times a day even) about the tour stops and even about the book. They are on it.

The Reviews. Reviews make every author a little nervous. Not because we don’t believe in our work. But because this is our art, this is a piece of ourselves. Will the reviewer “get it”? Will they understand? I have had two so far on the tour – both glowing reviews of the book. I couldn’t be happier. And I am so thankful for the bloggers/reviewers who really took the time to read the book and to “get me”.

The Bloggers. And I appreciate all of the bloggers who have hosted me. They have all been courteous and efficient with, again, getting the post up, moderating comments, and the like. I have been impressed by their sites and have felt inspired to perhaps open my blog up to be a part of tours like this. I don’t know…something to think about.

Please continue to follow along and make the most of this experience with me. I am certain I will be using this blog service in the future for other releases.

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Sara R. Turnquist