Help! I Can’t Find Time To Write

by | Mar 9, 2016 | writing

So, having trouble finding time to write? Me too! I bet you have another job, or a crazy busy life, or some kids and a house to care for, or a mix of the above mentioned. It’s an all too common problem with writers. Especially those of us who cannot claim it as our full time career. Even then, I believe there are challenges.

organizeThe Never-Ending “To Do” List. And believe me, it will never end. There will always be more that needs to be done. Especially if you are a stay at home mom/dad. Something is always lurking around the house, or coming up with one of the kiddos that has to be done. Being a stay-at-home is a full time job and then some. I know. Even with help. I have help come in a few hours each day to help manage the chaos so that (hopefully) I can get some writing done and I still haven’t sat down to work on a manuscript (save that writing weekend) in three weeks, maybe longer. My weekly schedule just hasn’t allowed for it.

balance beamHow to Manage the List. We’ve talked about the “on the beam”/”off the beam” idea in the sense that you need to decide what remains on your list, what you delegate to hubby or others, what can be moved, and what gets crossed off altogether. I need to take a little bit of my own advice and look at my list with a more discerning eye.

hourglass1So, where do I find the time? You don’t find the time, you make the time. Just like with anything. I never miss a scheduled doctor’s appointment or fail to give that adequate time. So, I need to treat my writing with the same respect. It’s not going to happen if we don’t carve out time to do it. Therein lies the key.

water pumpWhat happens if I don’t feel inspired when that time comes. I would encourage you to use Google to search “writing prompts” and try one or just journal. Anything you can do to get the “pump” primed. Once your juices are flowing, turn to your work in progress and you’ll find that things will come much easier.

I truly do hope that you find these suggestions helpful. I am finding in my days and in my life, that if I don’t make writing a priority and fight for that time, it’s just not going to happen. So, cut out the distractions however you need to and have at it. Happy writing!

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Sara R. Turnquist