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We all have setbacks in our lives…whether they be connected to our crafts or our daily lives. These things creep into our existence and rear their ugly heads, taking our lives over, it seems, and distracting us from our goals, our purpose, our plans.

physical setbackPhysical Setbacks.  This is where I am right now. I am struggling with some health issues that have all but taken me out. I feel as if I am down for the count. But the minute I start to believe that, is the minute it becomes true. The old adage “mind over matter” is so frequently quoted because there is truth to it.

mental setbackMental Setbacks. I have a healthy dose of this going on too. One of my medications causes me to feel really, really tired. This makes concentration and focus very difficult. Writer’s block, here I come. But, again, when I start to allow that to become the truth for me, it becomes my state of being. And perpetuates itself. So, I contacted my doctor, resolved the issue as best we could (I know this is not always possible). Now I am working toward living and working in this “new normal”.

External Setbacks. Believe you me, I have seen setbacks of many size, shape, and color. And I know how devastating some of them can be. Not all of them can be worked through. And I’ve seen my share of depression…I know that some of these setbacks can get you down. But I feel confident in saying that, even in struggling with a setback like depression, you have to strive for recovery goals. Goals like getting out of bed, showering, brushing your teeth, etc. The stronger you are in the midst of what you are going through, the higher you set that bar.

baby-steps2How do we overcome setbacks? Work through them. Set smaller goals (baby steps if you have to) and focus on them. It’s not going to be all sunshine and roses. By that, I mean it’s not going to be easy, but with your support system in place and your own determination driving you, I have no doubt that you will push through, you will overcome.

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Sara R. Turnquist