A Whole New World

by | Feb 19, 2016 | writing

I would say that I’m still fairly new to this writing journey. I have been writing for most of my life, but as far as actively working to hone my skills through courses and conferences and workshops, it’s only been the last couple of years or so. Still, even for a newbie, some things are becoming apparent to me. One thing is for certain, becoming a writer changes the way you look at the world around you.

inspirationYou find INSPIRATION in unexpected places. Stories come alive to you in a way they never did before. And the most mundane objects can spark an idea or even a storyline in your mind. This is something that has always been true for me, but has reached a whole new level since taking my craft more seriously.

beta readerYou can’t just READ a book anymore. You find yourself annoyed by the inconsistencies and the places where the story or the writing fell short. Not necessarily because you are a judgmental person, but because you have learned to be super discerning in editing your own work that something about it just strikes you, like someone hitting a dissonant chord. It just doesn’t sit well.

cat watching movieYou can’t just WATCH a movie anymore. You find yourself constantly analyzing storylines. The same goes for television shows. You are tuned in (pun intended) to the writing. Your desire to better your own skill had wired you to note the most minute things – character arcs, themes, conflict, scene structure, and so and and so forth. You just can’t help it.

These are just the most glaring examples for me. There are likely more that you could name for yourself. And, as much as I miss just sitting back with a book or movie and watching for fun, I wouldn’t trade my new career aspirations for anything. Happy writing!

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Sara R. Turnquist