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audrey telephone

Audrey, my eldest, at a few months old

Well…the last time I wrote, I was poised to delve into the meat of the “Trail of Fears” novel. I am now well into it. I have written the actual forcible removal of the characters I am following in the novel and now am at the point where we find the characters in the internment camps. I continue to proceed very carefully with each line, each scene that I write, having a great respect for the people who experienced the things I am writing about.

I also have updates about “The Lady Bornekova“. I am still waiting on the editor, but I expect to hear back in the next week or so. And I have been informed that we are looking at a summer release for the ebook! So, keep your eyes peeled for later July/early August (more details to come).

All in all, it seems like there’s a lot going on over here with the writing. I’m beginning to look at my writing as more of a career and less of a hobby. As I make that transition, my husband is becoming more pleased with the time I’m putting into it and the progress I’m making. He is also making it more possible for me to put that much more time into it despite the other things on my plate (kids, house, meals, etc.).

I’m trying to get as much writing done now as I know in a few weeks I’ll be gearing up for marketing “The Lady Bornekova”. This will be yet more new territory for me. One that I may need to rely on you, dear friends and family, for…at least in part. I don’t expect people buy a book because the author says “buy my book, please”, rather they buy it because someone they know says “i read this book and it’s a good book”.

All in all…it’s going well…stay posted!


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