“The General’s Wife” Blog Tour


Well, it’s that time…I’m going on tour again! Blog tour, that is. I will be virtually hopping all over the internet starting TODAY, September 19th, until Friday, October 14th. These stops will include a variety of posts.

Spotlights. These stops will be a blogger’s way of highlighting the book. They will have the short synopsis (the kind that would appear on the back of the book), the cover, the buy links, and some info about me. Some may have an excerpt from the book.

Interviews. Some stops will have interviews with me. And believe me, some of these bloggers dig deep! So if you want to learn more about me, you won’t want to miss these stops!

Guest Posts. I have been busy writing guest blog posts for some of the bloggers. They wanted to get some insight on what it’s like to be an author, to write, find inspiration, at the like. These are fun.

Reviews. These will be rather interesting. These are bloggers who have read the book and will give their feedback on it.

Prizes. There will be a grand prize given along the way. Be sure to follow the tour for more details.

So, without further ado, here’s the line up:

September 19: Long and Short Reviews
September 20: The Reading Addict
September 21: It’s Raining Books
September 22: Reviews by Crystal
September 22: With Love for Books
September 23: Christine Young
September 23: Tina Donahue Books – Heat with Heart
September 26: A Writer’s Life
September 26: Jessica and Gracie’s Tree
September 27: Louise Lyndon Romance Author Hear Me Roar
September 27: LibriAmoriMiei
September 28: EskieMama Reads
September 28: The Avid Reader
September 29: Doorway to History
September 30: Fabulous and Brunette
September 30: Notes From a Romantic’s Heart
October 3: The Book Connection
October 3: History and Other Ponderings
October 4: Unabridged Andra’s
October 4: CBY Book Club
October 5: Ms. Stuart Requests the Pleasure of Your Company
October 5: Readeropolis
October 6: Book Lover Promo
October 6: Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews
October 7: Reading Is My SuperPower
October 7: Two Ends of the Pen
October 10: Danita Minnis
October 11: Nickie’s Views and Interviews
October 12: Where the Story Comes First
October 13: Archaeolibrarian – I Dig Good Books!
October 13: Full Moon Dreaming
October 14: Books,Dreams,Life

If, of course, you haven’t picked up your copy of “The General’s Wife”, you can learn more about it, and even purchase it here.

Are you ready for this?

Well, friends, “The General’s Wife” will be released in TWO days! I can scarcely believe that come Thursday I will open my computer and see another one of my books available for purchase. It’s nearly unimaginable. It’s been quite the journey. Especially for this book…

once upon a timeMy first novel. Even though this will be my second published novel, this was my first completed novel. This was the first book I plotted out, wrote on, labored over, and wrestled with. I started working on it so long ago, when I was still in college. As I didn’t have the know how or the time to work on it, this novel took years of honing and polishing to become what it is.

query letterMy first query. And though it was not first published, it was the first one I queried. I received a lot of “no responses” and one response that informed me that there was too much “head hopping”. Like I knew what that was. So, I started querying “The Lady Bornekova” and it was accepted for publication and began my road to publication, going to conferences and joining a critique group and learning a TON in a short amount of time. And then I learned what “head hopping” was (switching point of view character within the same scene). And I fixed it. Then “The General’s Wife” was ready to go.

My first go at research. As I had not written anything before, I had never been involved in the kind of research I would need for writing historical fiction. And I have come to find out that unique type of research I need for each book is different. This novel takes place in a real period in history, but almost all of the characters and events are fictional (the Pharaoh and his Queen are based on the actual Ptolemy II and Queen Arsinoe) – so I had a lot of creative leeway. Another of my books, “Trail of Fears” involves more real people that actually lived as well as real events, requiring a whole different level of research.

I imagine that each book of mine that I am blessed enough to have published will be unique for its own reasons. These are just a few of the reasons why “The General’s Wife” is singled out for me. Of course, with so many “firsts” it will always hold a special place in my heart.


“The General’s Wife” COVER REVEAL!!

cover revealI know, I know…I teased you before Christmas with the cover reveal. Well, the holidays required that the cover reveal be a bit more delayed than I had expected, but it is here…

This journey has been quite different from that of the first book. But similar in many respects. It has gone by faster, it seems, and the editing process has required a little more of me. But I have been more distracted with other things – conferences, workshops, critique groups, getting other novels ready for review, NaNoWriMo, and whatnot…it’s been quite the ride these last few months. But this book’s release is drawing ever nearer – early January! The cover came in just today and we are ready to reveal it to everyone!!!

The Cover. This cover is the product of some collaboration between the artist and myself and LOT due to the cover artist’s great talent. For that, I can take no credit. The cover depicts pieces of the story so well and I am well pleased with the end result.

The Story. For those of you who have not been following my blog a description of THE GENERAL’S WIFE can be found here. It is the story of a young woman who is torn from her own home to face an arranged marriage to one of Pharaoh’s most powerful generals during the time when Greeks ruled Egypt. Leaving behind everything she knows, and her first love, she finds adversity awaits her. She faces the reality of a faceless group who wants nothing more than to run all of these Greeks out of Egypt and has set their menacing sights on her. Can she guard her heart from this man who has bargained for her hand? Will her spirit endure in the face of this mob who vows to rid Egypt of her and the whole ruling class of Egypt for good?

Clean Reads. The publisher I have been with for two novels now is called “Clean Reads”. They have been fabulous! Stephanie, the owner, has made herself available for any and all questions and has really been amazing to work with. You can learn more about this company here.

And so, without further ado….HERE IT IS:(click to reveal)

Books, books, everywhere!

I am in a state of being overwhelmed. There is so much to do! As always, I have the house, the kids, you know…life. But my list of “to do’s” with my books keeps growing…

TheLadyBornekova1400x2100The Lady BornekovaThe book has been out now for a couple of months and I am excited to see some numbers come next month (the end of the quarter). It has been a wild ride, has it not? But I have very much enjoyed being on this journey with you and sharing these steps that went into making up this road.

The General’s WifeNow through one of three editors, “The General’s Wife” is well into the process toward publication. I am eagerly anticipating the “fun stuff”…you know, the book cover, the banners, the other things that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and give you goose bumps. But this part of the process can be fun too – watching your work of art being honed and fine tuned.

cripple creekHope in Cripple CreekAs many of you know, I recently attended a huge conference, the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) Conference in Dallas. It was phenomenal! While there, I had the opportunity to pitch this novel to an agent. She was interested and wanted to see the full manuscript. But suggested some tweeks in the first and second chapters. Plus, I am still folding in feedback from my Beta Readers. All in all, it needs some TLC.

Trail of Fears This novel also got pitched to two interested agents. One wanted a proposal and sample chapters and the other the_trail_of_tearswanted a synopsis and sample chapters (different agents just want different things). The second agent seemed a lot more interested, she said the novel was “hitting all the right notes”. Overall, the agent meetings went well and I came out well pleased.

The Lady Bornekova’s Sequel. I know several of you have asked about the sequel. I’m well on my way into the novel. But, as you can see, there are many projects in the pipeline, so to speak. And I want to make sure I have the time and energy to focus on this work undistracted. These characters have become so near and dear to my heart (as all my characters really are) and I want to do them justice.

brainstormingThat just leaves one novel, “Off to War”. I just recently finished folding in my Beta Reader feedback and have one more to go. So, it’s sitting and “resting” for now. I mean, it’s not as if I don’t have enough to keep me busy. I also have another project in research mode and will be trying some new organizing and brainstorming methods I learned at the conference with this next project.

At any rate, that’s me. I hope as we head into fall, you are enjoying the weather and decorations we are seeing pop up on porches and in living rooms around us. My home was filled with the enticing smell of pumpkin bread yesterday. Yes, it is fall here too.

BIG News!!!

pyramidsHey, all! Thanks for dropping in today to hear my BIG news! Well, you may remember (if you’ve been following the blog) that I queried (sent in) a manuscript to be reviewed for possible publication. And the great news is…my publisher (Clean Reads) has offered me a contract on “THE GENERAL’S WIFE”. You may have noticed over in the left hand side of the screen that “The General’s Wife” has been changed from “Seeking Publication” to “Publication in Process”.

THE GENERAL’S WIFE. This was actually the first novel I wrote. The very first scene was written back when I was in college and the manuscript was shelved not long after. I would take it out ever so often and write more, tweak it here and there and whatnot. Finally, a couple of years after graduating, I got serious about finishing the novel.

ptolemaic queen (cleopatra vii)SO WHAT’S THIS BOOK ABOUT ANYWAY? You can certainly read my blurb about the book here. I became fascinated by the Ptolemaic Period during a history class at some point in my youth. It was a seed that was planted that I never really thought much about until much later when the main characters came into being. Placing them in this period in history just made sense to me.

WHEN CAN WE EXPECT TO READ THIS BOOK? It takes about 6-8 months with this publisher to go from signed contract to eBook release. So, you can hope to see the book come out sometime February-April 2016. This is still a fairly short time window for contract to debut. As I understand it, with the larger, more traditional publishers, it can take 18 months-2 years.

Well, that’s all I have for now. I’ll be in pre-edits for the next week or so. I look forward to it and dread it at the same time. Editing…not my best friend, but such a crucial part of the process. I’m looking forward to sharing more as we go along!