Have a MOPS group? A group of aspiring writers? Interested in learning more about beating writers block or wondering why you can’t seem to get that one on one time in with God now that you have three precious little ones clamoring for your attention 24/7?

I speaks on a variety of topics covering both of these situations. So, whether you are a writer or a woman/mother in distress or you have a church group, youth group, conference, organization, or other event, I would love to come and share a few laughs, a dose of truth, and my heart with you.

On Writing:

  • Characterology
  • The Right kind of Swag
  • Things Every Newbie Needs to Know
  • What I Wish I Knew (Before Being Published)
  • Blog Tours – To Do or Not to Do
  • Conferences – How to Prepare Like a Pro
  • Brainstorming and Plotting a Novel
  • Researching and Organizing
  • The Importance of Blogging (including a little about SEOs)

For Women’s Groups:

  • Post Partum Depression & Recovery (a variety of talks about PPD and Recovery)
  • Living with Depression
  • Help! My Child Doesn’t Fit the Profile (Life with ADHD and Autism)
  • Living with Autism
  • Is God Always Getting a Busy Signal? (How your prayer life and time with God changes after kids)
  • Faith Through Adversity
  • If God Really Loves Me, Why Does He Rain On My Parade?
  • Oh, I Know She Didn’t (Women of the Bible and how God used them)

If you are interested in having me speak to your group on any of these topics or a related topic, or would like more information about me or my testimony, please contact me.