Among the Pages ~ seeking publication


A woman’s choice…is in question.

Brianne is a college freshman. Immediately, her professors and peers challenge many of her long-held beliefs. Finding a diary that belonged to her great, great aunt Margaret seemed like quite the distraction. And soon she finds herself drawn into the story of a passionate woman living in Buffalo’s past.

Margaret, a young teacher who struggles with gender inequality in the early 1900’s, is first timid about speaking her mind, but soon cannot disguise her impassioned spirit. Even from her closest friend, Samuel, whose concern for her stretches the limits of their relationship. Caught up in the Women’s Suffrage Movement, she faces down authority figures and others who question her beliefs.

And so, Brianne is whisked along on a journey into Margaret’s struggles, all the while facing her own questions and challenges with modern feminism. Are there any clear answers to be found? Where does her new-found relationship fit into all of this?

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