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  • Writer’s Block…oh how I hate thee!

    I have just been through my first real bout of writer’s block. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, it simply refers to a writer’s inability to come up with new ideas or to continue writing. Some authors may have a minor setback (such as myself in this instance) or it can […]

    Writer’s Block…oh how I hate thee!
  • Editing: Not the Monster I Thought It Was

    Well, I just finished my first round of line edits. And I feared it would be painful, but it wasn’t. Not at all. So far, my editing experience has been relatively good. My manuscript wasn’t all covered up in red, you see, but I think part of it is my attitude toward editing too. Before […]

    Editing: Not the Monster I Thought It Was
  • I’m still learning…

    Marketing…marketing…marketing…I spent much of my mid-day learning about it. It was good, don’t get me wrong, as I was sitting under the tutelage of an author I have the utmost respect for. And I was learning more about my craft. Sure it was a part of my craft I never in a million years dreamed I […]

    I’m still learning…
  • On the Trail of Tears

    Today I spent several hours on the original Trail of Tears. Some of the trail was spent in a vehicle, some was spent walking. All of it was spent with a voice recorder in my hand (someone else was driving). It was an amazing experience to see so much of the trail and to actually […]

    On the Trail of Tears
  • Marketing Minefield

    Hello, all! I am still well in the learning process. But I’m afraid I’m about to be schooled for real. I am doing everything I can to prepare for the monster that is marketing my book, but it still is a bear I will have to wrestle. It’s just not in my bag of tricks. […]

    Marketing Minefield
  • Three Special Steps…That’s All You Need

    My kids have all watched Disney Junior’s Special Agent Oso. I don’t know if your child has enjoyed this particular cartoon, but the main character, Oso, a special agent in training, accomplishes all manner of tasks in “three special steps”. So, as I am in the midst of getting The Lady Bornekova prepared for publication, […]

    Three Special Steps…That’s All You Need
  • Learning my craft

    There was a time when I was sure my stories were just an outlet for me. And to a large extent, they still are. But, now being on this side of a contract, writing takes on a whole new dimension. I can say that I wrote my book, which is soon to be published, without […]

    Learning my craft
  • Pockets of time

    I am a mother of three beautiful, but young and very lively children. They are now 5 (nearly 6), just turned 4, and 1. My 5 year old has ADHD and my 4 year old has Asperger’s. Between managing the daily challenges of these conditions and the never-ending therapy schedule for my now 4 year […]

    Pockets of time
  • Beta Readers

    I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with one of my beta readers yesterday. She lives in another state so the opportunities to speak face to face are few and far between. She has finished my third novel (the Civil War one) and has given me wonderful feedback. I highly recommend the use of […]

    Beta Readers